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Enamel Pin Seconds Sale


Sometimes there are a few 'seconds' enamel pins in a batch - these B-Grade pins are still super cute although not perfect (...but aren't we all?!) You can now adopt one of these "seconds" and give it a home.

The flawed pins are still adorable but have a slight defect for example

- Under or overfilling of the enamel.
- Scratches on the enamel or metal.
- Small marks in the enamel.
- Uneven thickness of metal.
- Small chips from the metal plating or enamel.
- Small areas filled with the wrong colour.
- Enamel colour covering small areas of metal plating.
- Missing enamel fill in very small areas
- Uneven edges

The seconds enamel pin badge you receive could have any of the minor defects above. The pins in the photo are examples of the design but will not be the exact item you receive.

Each enamel pin measures between 26-38mm (average 30mm)
The pin badge will be packaged with a backing card and sent in a protective envelope.

There are loads of cute animal designs. The B Grade designs available will be updated regularly so keep checking back :-)

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